List of Telecoms Decision Makers

Databroker can supply some of the most advanced Business Telecoms Lists and business telecoms databases in the UK today.

We have access to lists of Telecoms directors and Decision Makers and not only that, we also know all about their telecoms usages and infrastructure which is great for targeting and getting your sales message in front of the right people, first time. Rubber stamped by Databroker, these telecoms lists offer comprehensive coverage and fantastic money back. Increase your response rates today and see below for details of what telecoms databases you can buy today.

Want access to the best Telecoms Contacts and Telecoms Usage Lists?

  • List of 50,000 Telecoms Managers / Telecoms Decision Makers
  • Select by Number of Business Mobile Phones, Network and Spend
  • Select by Business Broadband Provider
  • Select by Number of Business Phone Lines and Business Phone Spend
  • Select by Industry, Size and Location

Buy Telecoms Data lists and increase your sales

All the Telecoms contacts and email addresses on Databroker sourced lists are checked to DMA standards and verified over the phone. This means that you have peace of mind that your marketing campaign and sales efforts are powered by rock solid, accurate marketing data.

Times are tough for the telecoms trade and this is not the time for marketing risk and sourcing poor quality data. Don’t waste your money, time and resources buying cheap telemarketing data from poor lists. Get quality business telecoms lists and start reducing wastage and increasing sales.

Databroker can provide the following:

  • Named Telecoms Contacts Mailing List
  • Named Telecoms Contacts Personal Email Addresses
  • Named Telecoms Contacts List for Telemarketing

Fulfilment Services for your Telecoms Marketing Campaigns

Databroker specialise in getting you the right list but that’s only part of a successful campaign. You will need expertise at the next step of the process which is converting this great telecoms data into sales for your business.

We offer professional fulfilment services that will ensure the list of telecoms contacts achieves optimum results and ROI. Email Broadcasting, Mailing or Telemarketing are available separately or can be integrated for maximum return. By producing a bespoke fulfilment package to your needs, response rates can be increased up to 600%. Worth asking about then!

Make one call today and put your feet up, we will be back to you with a tailor-made quote packed full of advice for marketing to Telecoms contacts.

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