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Databroker are a completely impartial marketing list broker. We can improve results from your telemarketing, direct mail and email campaigns by providing accurate, B2B data lists you can trust.

Databroker don’t own or generate any data and this is essential in allowing us to research the market and highlight the best options available to you, rather than trying to sell you our own data. Our business data team have over 25 years’ experience and our expertise & consultative approach will ensure that you get the most accurate, targeted business data lists for your campaigns.

We work with our clients to understand your customer profile, target market, campaign objectives and timescales. This means that the B2B data we provide has been sourced to your exact requirements, not simply an off-the-shelf product.

Saving you Money

By using Databroker you can streamline the data buying process, saving time and ultimately money. Databroker ensures you will only pay the market value for any particular data list. We negotiate to get you the best possible price and not the price the supplier wants you to pay and our buying power often results in our clients paying significantly less than if they had dealt with the data owners directly.

Customer protection & reassurance

As DMA members, Databroker are fully accountable for all of the data lists we provide and you can rest easy knowing that the data that we supply is legally and ethically sourced and of course, fully compliant with all UK rules and regulations governing direct marketing practices.

We understand that businesses cannot afford to use inaccurate data and this is why the companies such as British Gas, Selfridges, Lufthansa and AVG trust Databroker when it comes to purchasing their data. Buy your business data lists from Databroker  our B2B data & marketing list advice service will increase the ROI from your campaigns.

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  • Experience & Expertise

    25 years experience in B2B data & direct marketing

  • Peace of Mind

    DMA members, RAR recommended & ICO registered with over 25 years experience

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