How to market to managing directors using data lists

Perhaps the most common type of business data request we receive at Databroker is for data on managing directors. The good news is there is an abundance of data available for these contacts as it is probably the best populated of all job titles.

Nevertheless knowing which supplier, in which to place your trust, is as difficult as ever. With more choice come a higher number of unscrupulous list owners and added confusion of who has the best list available.

There are a number of considerations when considering a direct marketing campaign to managing directors I have discussed a few key points below:


Is the managing director really the correct job title?

It is a daily occurrence that we receive enquiries in requesting data on managing directors or larger companies. Is the MD of the 50 or 100+ employee company really the correct contact for you to speak to about training/employee benefits/a new IT system, or is there a departmental role who would be a better decision maker?

Although you may view the managing director as the ultimate decision maker they may not necessarily prompt the initial conversation but rather simply sign off a departmental decision.


Do you need the managing director or simply a senior decision maker?

Mentioned above managing director is a very well populated job title and not one that should be overlooked. Nevertheless, the vast bulk of UK B2B data is 'senior decision maker' (SDM) data. This is defined as 'the most senior contact at the organisation that the list owner has acquired contact details for'. Typically this will include job titles such as MD, FD, director, CEO, general manager and office manager.

Again, it is worth considering the question; is the MD going to investigate and sign off a stationary order? Or would a more generalised SDM be a more appropriate contact.

Of course, there will be times that an MD is the correct and appropriate job title to market to.


How is best to get in touch?

We have now established that the MD is the correct contact, having excluded senior decision makers as too generalised we're ready to purchase data. All that is left to consider therefore is how to get in touch with these business owners.

Business owners are almost always exceptionally busy individuals. Often wearing many hats they can be the HR manager one moment and the sales manager the next. The advice to run a multi-channel direct marketing campaign is not unique to these type contacts. A mix of email marketing, telemarketing and direct mail will always work best.

LinkedIn Pulse often has posts relating to creative direct mail which is currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity - this is an eye-catching medium and worth seriously considering, irrelevant of cost, as the MD's post is often opened by the MD alone.

Tailor your message and medium appropriately taking into consideration your product/service and the industry your prospective client sits within - a solicitor may expect a more formal letter introduction whereas a creative agency a crochet introduction may suit.

However, you decide is best to market managing directors or senior decision makers there is no denying these are the holders of the budgets and have the authority to make the purchasing decision.

Whatever your business and whoever you are looking to market to we are always happy to offer independent and impartial advice to help you build a winning campaign.

We assist business owners contact previously unknown business owners with a view to doing business together!