What Databroker DOES NOT  do

As brokers, we get briefs that run the entire gamut of business and consumer data. 

A list of psychics in the centre of  Hull? “Bump, squeak and rattle managers”? Mortal Kombat 2 customers? We’ve heard them all.

Generally, if the data exists, we can source and acquire  it for your campaign. However, there are some categories of data that we will not get involved with for ethical reasons.

Not just data that doesn’t have full marketing permission – that should go without saying – but some technically legal categories of data that we feel breaches our commitment to responsible marketing.

Here is a list of things that Databroker DOES NOT do:

  1. We do not help every company we speak to. We take care to only work with companies in reputable industries who are willing to direct market in a compliant and ethical manner.
  2. We do not look to make profit over ethics.
  3. We do not supply marketing data  to PPI companies, or data relating to personal injury, debt management or  road traffic accidents.
  4. We do not supply marketing data to non Ltd companies.
  5. We do not supply data of consumers under the age of 20 or over the age of 60. Or indeed anyone that can be readily identified as vulnerable.
  6. We do not supply marketing data that is not in line with the DMA’s code of practice or compliant with ICO guidelines.
  7. We do not supply marketing data for any health, mobility or pension related services.
  8. We do not supply marketing data to any company that has not filled in our compliance form and agreed to use the data ethically.
  9. We do not supply data for consumer SMS campaigns unless full compliance is satisfied.
  10. We do not supply marketing data to be used in automated voice broadcasting. We hate this practice and would welcome it being banned.
  11. We do not generate any consumer marketing data for sale. We are brokers and not data owners or generators.
  12. We do not recommend marketing data suppliers that we have not tested and/or are not members of the DMA.
  13. We do not supply marketing data before terms are signed that stipulate clients must abide with UK and EU laws around data protection and direct marketing.
  14. We do not supply telephone marketing data that is not TPS or CTPS clean.

Databroker would rather lose business than deal with companies looking to market in an unethical way. If all marketing standards improved then both businesses and consumers would benefit.

We DO seek to become the most trustworthy, reliable and ethical list brokerage in the UK.

We do recommend that all consumers read as much as they can about the TPS and
our article on how to opt out of direct marketing.

By doing things in the right way, we seek to organically grow without cutting corners.

It may take us longer, but that is something we are very comfortable with.


Our clients