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About us

Databroker is an independent list broker service founded in 2009 to supply an increasing demand for impartial advice on locating the best data for direct marketing.

The catalyst for this vision was the indifferent response that companies have had from providers in the past. When delving deeper, this was largely due to them being “sold” mailing lists rather than being given help and advice to make an informed decision. The net result is that the client only achieved in helping a data sales person earn commission as opposed to generating ROI from their marketing campaign.

We thought that this was just plain wrong and if customer requirements were put before sales targets, robust relationships would flourish. Although our work is never done, our testimonials show that clients and Databroker are in agreement. Databroker can source  business data and consumer data from any proven DMA member and thus are truly independent.

There is so much variety out there that we understand sourcing can be tricky. Before you commit to any data purchase, there is no reason not to get a second expert opinion – we may just tell you that you were about to make a great choice or we could save you from making a bad one.

Luckily, you don’t have to just take our word for how good we are. View our Client Testimonials to see how happy our clients are with the products and services Databroker provide. Don’t risk your marketing budget, speak to Databroker. For more information, call 0161 941 5700 or email info@data-broker.co.uk 

Its not all data though…see below for a behind the scenes insight into our senior team members:

  • John Keating

    Managing Director

    Databroker’s incumbent fantasy football champion. Connect with John on TwitterLinkedIn and Google+

    Sound Bites: Clover the dog, Utd, Starry dark skies, Star Wars, Coffee, Box Sets, PS4 Pro, #Pogback, Yosemite, Fantasy Football Champ

    • Currently Playing: Star Wars Battlefront @ Home. Fifa 17 in the office.
    • Currently Watching: The Walking Dead, Westworld and Before the Flood
    • Currently Reading: about Hygge
    • Currently Listening to: Interstellar Soundtrack
  • Genevra Biesty, Databroker

    Genevra Biesty

    Director (the real boss)

    Organisational legend and general powerhouse of the company. Need something done? Speak to John. Need something done better and quicker? Speak to Biesty. Connect with Genevra on TwitterLinkedInand Google+

    Sound Bites: Weird name, wine, sparkles, gym, feeding people, Clover the dog, Bake Off, organic milk monitor

    • Currently Playing:  Mum
    • Currently Watching: My son.
    • Currently Reading:  Chimp Paradox
    • Currently Listening to: The Archers
  • Claire Farrell

    Claire Farrell

    Data & Strategy Director

    First Lady of Data; Claire is to Direct Marketing what Mary Portas is to retail.  We are talking experience and know-how here rather than hair styles. Claire ensures planning and execution of client campaigns are as close to perfect as possible.  Put simply; Claire is Data Megamind. Connect with Claire on Twitter and LinkedIn

    Sound Bites: Military Fitness, John Lewis, well travelled, helpful, patience

    • Currently Playing: Boot Camp
    • Currently Reading: CRM Manuals
    • Currently Watching: Dale
    • Currently trying not to Listen to: Office conversations about who can beat Jason Bourne in a fight.
  • Gareth Perry

    Sales Director

    Gareth has fantastic data knowledge & customer service skills. Clients are in good hands when Gareth is on the case. GP also manages to mix amazing customer relationship skills with a knack for admin… a feat never seen before. Connect with Gareth on TwitterLinkedIn and Google+

    Sound Bites: Speaks French, hockey & golf, rocket man, community hero, hanging baskets, slow cooked pork, coral trousers, tweed, Millington, Eggs Perry

    • Currently Playing: The Stock Market
    • Currently Watching: FIFA 17 tutorials
    • Currently Reading:  Employment contract small print
    • Currently Listening to:  Gramophone
  • Dale Jago

    Account Manager

    His OCD is the perfect fit for attention to detail on client campaigns. Yes it drives us mad but Jago’s traits are the power behind the economic recovery.  Just don’t confuse the Starship Enterprise with the Millennium Falcon whatever you do… Connect with Dale on TwitterLinkedIn and Google+

    Sound Bites: Hockey & tennis, camping, married bliss, Marvel comics, The Trek, WW2, Kevin the Teenager, Ctrl+Alt+Delete, “No, you put the phone down”. Tim Hiddlestone, Pinch and a Punch, Kane, Mac>PC

    • Currently Playing: The Fool
    • Currently Reading:  Not his PPC Book.
    • Currently Watching: Hairline erosion
    • Currently Listening to: Whatever Charlotte says he can
  • Tony White, Databroker

    Tony White

    Account Manager

    Tony has the dubious honour of being longest in the tooth here at Databroker. That said, with age brings experience and Tony has years (and years)  of data and direct marketing under his belt so rest assured your campaigns are in safe hands when looked after by Tony “Paul Weller” White.  Connect with Tony on TwitterLinkedIn and Google+

    Sound Bites: great dad, mod, full head of hair, coleslaw king,  Dwight Yorke, quiz pro, Woodstock, Apples and Apples, New Folder(27)

    • Currently Playing: Naked Yoga
    • Currently Reading:  To his boy.
    • Currently Watching: Betamax
    • Currently Listening to:  The voices
  • Ed Westbrook

    Account Manager

    Blue Blood Ed is our resident Tory boy and super nice guy. If you want to market to customers of the ‘Trose, people who watch rugger or winter away, then Ed is your man. Ed can quaff with the very best and is without doubt the best marketing data account manager in the UK who wore a boater hat to school. Don’t mistake Ed for being all chat and no strides, Ed is old bill a special constable. Connect with Ed on the polo pitch, on TwitterLinkedin and Google+

    Sound Bites: Bottle of Pop, Walking Geronimo on the Alderley Edge, Mini Muscle Car, Dibble, Cheshire Golden Triangle, Poppleton the Footman, Bake Off, secret guns,  punching above his weight.

    • Currently Playing: At Marketing until the trust fund develops
    • Currently Watching: The neighbourhood
    • Currently Reading: Office Print outs, he shouldn’t.
    • Currently Listening to: Sirens…for many reasons
  • Professor_Brian_Cox_OBE_FRS

    Rob Diggle

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Digster used to be called Typewriter at school. He thinks it’s because of his neat handwriting. We don’t have the heart to tell him that his school ‘friends’ just liked typing on his arms and smacking his head at the end of a sentence. Rob is also a Wigan fan and is a font of knowledge about the history of pies and local rivalry with Bolton – the Tater Pie Clasico. Don’t let his rustic taste in football fool you, Robert is as sharp as a tack and has a wealth of digital marketing experience and importantly, Simpsons knowledge. Rob is our very own ‘Q’ or Professor Brian Cox look -a-like and is as equally softly spoken and intelligent. If you have any questions around digital services, please link to Rob here and listen to his profound responses. He is marketing made conscious and PPC is the means by which the universe understands itself. If you click his pen, make sure it is pointing to the ground.

    Soundbites: Q, PPG (pasty, peas ‘n’ gravy), Ronny Pickering, free Whelan, steampunk googles, Stretford Batman, Randy Savage ooooh yeah, Karaoke date system

    • Currently listening – Morricone
    • Currently reading – Accumulator Top Picks
    • Currently playing – Fifa 17
    • Currently watching – The Wire
  • Katie Turnbull

    Digital Marketing Executive

    An eclectic mix of the sublime and the ridiculous. On one hand she loves Batman, elevating her credibility into the stratosphere, but in the same breath she couldn’t recognise the Bergerac theme tune which makes her as cool as Nick Grimshaw. Katie is our mercurial talent drafted in from the Academy. We are looking to sell her on for a massive profit in the future or keep her as the next Ryan Giggs. She’s a city supporter but doesn’t wear Kappa or Kangol –  a rare breed. She may sound like the evil character in the book: Matilda but our Katie is anything but. If you see her on the tram in the morning,  say Hello.

    Sound Bites : Larping, Liam, “my ticket’s in here somewhere”, School days skive, Did I say I’ve been to America, Fantasy Football Fluke

    • Currently Playing – Battlefield 1
    • Currently Watching – Game of Thrones.
    • Currently Reading – Not quickly enough. Get through those marketing books.
    • Currently listening to – Diggle. God help her.
  • Charles Hartle

    Account Executive

    Databrokers own swampy and we are proud to have him. Chaining himself to his desk everyday, this rainbow warrior is saving the planet one day at a time. Still at that age where “coolness” is a thing, Charlie keeps abreast of alternative music and reads up on absolute sonic guff to sound knowledgable. Whether its Andees Pan Pipe classics or Detriot electro breaks and beats, if there is a non commercial hipster audio movement, Charlie will be leading the way. If you have the pleasure to meet Charlie, please don’t judge him on his half masts or Fifa prowess – socks and row Z shots are in apparently. Charlie looks like a cruel mix of a young Kenneth Brannagh and Michael J Fox. Despite this, he can snurge with the best of them.

    • Currently Playing: Fifa 17 
    • Currently Watching: The X-files
    • Currently Reading: Brighton Rock – Although not anymore
    • Currently Listening to: Tiny Impala and Tinkers Pipers
  • Natasha Manser

    Administrative Assistant

    Tash. Aha. She saved every one of us. Natasha is standard Databroker issue: dedicated, enthusisatic and productive.  It is nearly impossible to get this hard worker away from her desk. Bursting with positivity, Tasha is all smiles and ever reliable.  The job gets done. The only chink in her armour is her incredulous chronic ability to take an accurate name on her phone. Frequently, we get calls from Foney Similsun or as we know him, Tony Simpson. What Tash likes in aural ability, she excels with growing data knowledge and organisation. Her weapon of choice is the Tashboard/Tashadash – the greatest chronicle of data related jobs since Dales effort in 2012.  Tash loves Abba and all things spiritual and is a close guardian on the office playlist. Tasha, our Admin Queen – ‘Thank you for the music’, your weird crystals and your hot scalp.

    Soundbites: Fleetwood Mac, Oasis, Vegan burgers? “have a nice weekend?” “You going to the pub tonight?”, “I have bran flakes?”

    • Currently playing: Beer Pong Only on Fridays of course! 
    • Currently watching: The Walking Dead
    • Currently reading: Conspiracy Theories
    • Currently listening to: Fleetwood mac and Oasis all the way!
  • Clover

    Lab Technician

    Clover is our company mascot, living stress ball and unofficial winner of best dog in the world. However she never makes a tea. Ever.

    Sound Bites: Brown, hairy, sticks, water, mud, slobber, canine dustbin

    Currently Playing: Stick Ball

    Currently Listening to: White Noise to stop her barking.


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