Is your glass half full or half empty?

It's certainly not the most buoyant time in terms of economic prosperity that's for sure - but where do we go from here?

Are you a worrier? Are you anxious about the global economic situation at present? Are you risk adverse? Are you afraid of making a mistake? Are you reluctant to spend your money?

You've probably answered yes to more than a couple of the questions above. We're all experiencing some pain in our lives at the moment and it's impacting all of us.

There are two types of people that will emerge from the experience of living through the last two years:


1. The Worrier / Procrastinator 

This group of people will not be interested in growing their businesses or expanding their market share any time soon. They are paralyzed by fear and risk adversity and are running their businesses on a life support machine basis, desperately hoping that one day in the future, everything will be ok again and we can all return to normal. "We just need to dig in, batten down the hatches and weather the storm."


2. The Risk Takers/Movers

This group of people see opportunity in every situation come rain or shine. During times of adversity, they will invest money in making their business stronger and ensuring that their businesses emerges in better position post adversity. They are hungry, ambitious and want that competitive edge in the market place and they'll spend money and take risks to get there. These are positive 'can-do' people with an insatiable desire for success.

Reading this, you'll know precisely which camp you reside in, but here is why sometimes taking a risk is worth it:


You won't know unless you give it a try

Nobody can really be sure if taking risks will pay off, but this should not stop you from taking risks. If you want your business to succeed in the long-term, risks are necessary.  Frederick B. Wilcox once said "Progress always involves risks. You can't steal second base whilst keeping your foot on first."

You'll never know unless you try and who wants to be asking themselves 'if only' when it's too late?


You learn something from risks

Some risks may not pay off, but an optimistic risk-taker will simply consider failure as an opportunity to learn. A willingness to experiment with new ideas is central to your continued business growth. Think of it as nothing ventured, nothing gained.


New opportunities require some risk

Opportunity sometimes involves changing how we do things. Combine that with the fact that your customers have constantly changing demands and you need to stay ahead of the curve in analysing your customer trends and requirements. Successful people see risk-taking as simply the cost for creating new opportunities.


Being brave will give you a competitive edge

Typically, most people will try to avoid risk, so those who are brave enough to take risks will naturally give themselves a competitive advantage in the marketplace. While everyone else is sitting on their hands waiting for a miracle to happen, you can be emailing your target audience, winning more market share and reaping the benefits.


Taking risks will leave you more satisfied

Because most people won't take a chance, there is a connection between a willingness to take risks and personal satisfaction. Risk-takers won't look back and dwell on what could have been or the fear of uncertainty. Instead, they find out what was really on the other side of that "what-if" scenario and can feel proud of the fact that they were willing to take some risks to grow their business.

The key point is that with Databroker, there is no risk. We can offer you high-quality, competitively priced data for you to target your audience and actually win some new business. For an investment of less than £1000, Databroker can connect you with around 4,000 new sales opportunities of key decision makers in your target audience, allowing you to tap into multiple new opportunities.

During difficult times, my old boss used to say to me "do something, just don't do nothing" and whichever way you look at it, he was right!

To create some new and exciting business opportunities it doesn't have to be rocket science - we can help you.

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