How to market to HR directors using data lists

As independent data brokers, we're often asked about HR contacts and what are the best lists and the best contacts etc. Here, I've put together some key points that you may want to consider before making your enquiry and I hope this will help you in sourcing the right data lists in the future.


Why do you need HR contacts?

You may wonder why I'm asking this question given that your products or services by definition are geared towards HR people within the business, but I'm asking it because sometimes you may not actually need an HR Decision maker in the first instance.

Consider the size of the businesses that you want to target first here or the culture of the sectors that you are targeting.

If your target sectors and business size range generally comprise of companies with less than 50 employees, the chances are you may not actually need an HR Contact and to be honest, there probably isn't even an HR director or manager around anyway.

Here, you're probably better served looking for a senior decision-maker such as a managing director, owner or director - these are the ladies and gents that serve numerous critical functions throughout the business, so they are likely to have a hand in a range of different 'decision making' areas within their business including HR - try these for size first. You can pick up really good quality lists ranging from £200 to £300 per 1,000 records on a 12 month licence.


HR decision makers

The next option comes in where you know from experience that you need an HR Decision maker, or at least a resource within the business that is either dedicated to HR or somebody who spends some of their time making HR decisions.

If we slide slightly further up the business size scale to what we call medium sized SME's, then there are a few good options available to you within this range. There are numerous good quality data lists within this criteria that typically provide HR decision makers by 'job function'.

This means that you will get a list that has been built by defining the people within the business that are responsible for making HR decisions, but don't always carry an HR job title in every case.

For example, Fred Smith may well be the Managing Director of the organisation, but Fred also makes all of the decisions when it comes to HR - so lists defined by job function can be very effective and don't be put off by the lack of a specific job title.

Successful campaigns are all about contacting the right person within in the business, not just the right job title and it won't cost you an arm and a leg either - prices here range from £200 to £400 per 1,000 records for a 12 month licence.


HR job titles

When the product or service you are seeking to promote is specialist and targeted, then it may be best to go for the HR 'full timers' such as HR Directors, Head of HR, HR Managers etc.

You're probably seeking to target larger corporates here because you need bigger opportunities to meet your average product order value - no point targeting a small SME when you're looking to secure a £10k HR training deal?

The larger companies of 250 + employees will almost certainly have dedicated HR resource in-house, so you'll want to target the right contacts here by job title.

Again, there are some very good job title targeted HR lists available, but be prepared to spend a bit more for the titled lists - somewhere in the range of £300 to £600 per 1,000 would get you a very good quality list with verified job titles.


Other HR functions

Sometimes, due to the nature of your business, you need to dig further still into the HR job title sub-sets to find your hot spot. Don't despair, there are some list providers that have an impressive array of specialist HR job functions including:

  • General HR
  • HR systems and payroll
  • Diversity
  • Recruitment/resourcing
  • Training and development
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Internal communications


So if you are looking to market your latest piece of HR software, then we can identify the right audience within the right sized businesses and sectors. Similarly, if you are a large recruitment agency, then you'll need the in-house corporate hirers.

Price-wise, these contacts won't be at the cheaper end of the market, but if they are the people that you need to reach, spending £350 to £650 per 1,000 records may well be justified in gaining the 4 or 5 pieces of new business that you need at the larger end of the market.

Whatever your business and whoever you are seeking to contact across the spectrum of HR contacts, why not get in touch with us first.

We'll be happy to offer you free independent and impartial advice and help you to build a winning campaign.