Data brokers – Why use us?

Data brokers; why should you use data brokers and what are they? Firstly, before we go onto why you should use the services of a data broker, I suppose the first question to answer would be "what are data brokers? "


What are data brokers?

In essence, data brokers (also known as list brokers) source data lists for direct marketing campaigns on your behalf. So, whether you are conducting telemarketing campaigns, a direct mail shot or an email broadcast, your data broker will be able to recommend the most suitable data for your needs.

Buying and sourcing business data lists can be a difficult and time consuming task, throwing up all sorts of questions such as: Where do I buy data? What type of data can I buy? How do I know this data will work? How do I avoid buying poor quality data or even worse, illegal, data?

A data broker will be able to answer all of your questions and more. A gooddata broker will have years of experience sourcing all different types of marketing data allowing them to build up a knowledge bank of what is available and who the credible data suppliers are. Data brokers also know how to spot a scam and avoid any dubious sources.


Benefits of using data brokers

So why should you use a data broker? To put it bluntly, using data brokers will save you money and gain you more customers from your direct marketing campaigns.


Here's why:

  • Data brokers have access to a vast array of data sets; B2B data, B2C data, email data, SMS data, niche lists and foreign data. If you need it, they will find it.
  • A data broker will advise you on your target market & method of communication. They know what works and what doesn't.
  • Data brokers are impartial. You get unbiased recommendations on the data which will work best for your specific campaign.
  • A credible data broker will only recommend quality data, making sure you don't waste your money on guff data.
  • Using their supplier relationships, data brokers can negotiate the best rates on your behalf.

And last but by no means least…

  • Data broker services are free. Brokers work on commission given to them by the data suppliers, which means you get their advice, experience and graft for zip, nada, zilch! Now who can argue with that?

For more benefits of using a data broker or if you need any free and friendly advice on data and direct marketing then get in touch with us today.