6 data sales tactics to avoid at all costs

Mary Portas does shops - we do data lists. We think it's about time that someone starts to put customer service and ROI first. To that end I am donning a ginger wig and am blogging about how you can get the service you deserve when acquiring data lists. Read below some of the common sales tricks that some of the less scrupulous data companies out there employ when required.


1. End of month sale. Oh really?

The lowest of the low and one that really irks us. Commonplace amongst data salespeople who unfortunately either don't offer the service or product that clients expect or is just not very good at their job. It's the biggest non-secret in data, all data salespeople have monthly targets and when they realise that they are not hitting this, they will slash their prices without a seconds thought. So how does that make you feel when you have purchased their data 2 weeks ago and heard "No we never offer discounts - our data is too good". Completely devalues their product.

How to avoid - Speak to a list or data broker who knows the system and only pays the market rate for data. Not what the salesperson wants for it.


2. Quote valid for only 7 days

Absolute hogwash. So they are only willing to sell you their data on a time sensitive offer? I guarantee that if you call back in two weeks and want to go ahead, they will let you. Like the previous point, this is blatant wiffy cheese sales-spiel which we really don't like. They dont have your interests at heart, only the commission to fuel their Friday night session. What's really interesting here is that the Data Marketing Association members MUST not employ this tactic otherwise they will be investigated. If a DMA member try's this with you, make a note.

How to avoid - Just ignore it. Plan and execute your campaigns to your own timescales and dont' be dictated to by sales people.


3. "If you sign it today…"

See above - its pressure sales, nothing more. If someone says this to you, ask yourselves "Do they want my campaign to succeed?"

How to avoid - Thank the salesperson for showing you their true colours and walk away.


4. The volume discount

There is nothing inherently wrong with this principle and economies of scale are always useful. However, a data company should be encouraging you to test and work out your ROI before committing to large volumes. By offering a discount for a large purchase, they are once again just trying to hit their sales target. Let them hit their sales targets after they have proven that their data can help you.

How to avoid - Speak to a good independent broker, they will put together test packages for you.


5. 1 million records for £395!

Would you buy a Rolex watch from a man in a pub for £50? A sure-fire way to get very poor quality data, be blacklisted by your ISP, get a TPS fine and damage your brand. I shall go into more detail on this subject in a later blog.

How to avoid - Common sense this one, if it's too good to be true, it is. Buy from DMA members only and seek the council of a data broker.


6.  What's your budget?

This is a tricky one. Discussing budgets with list broker is a very worthwhile exercise and can greatly enhance the data planning output however there are certain companies out there that will use this information for their own gain. How many of you have requested quotes, told them your budget eg £1000 then received back a quote for £995? This appears perfect as it is under budget but there are salespeople who will supply at the maximum budget level to get the most revenue for their own sales rather than try to save you money.

How to avoid - be wary of disclosing budget information unless of course, you are using a trusty list broker!

Move over Queen of Shops, Mary Portas - Johnny King of Data is here to clean up lists and data! That aside, I am just pleased to have hair again after all these years…

I hope that I have given you some food for thought and some tactics of your own to use when buying data. Let us know your thoughts in the comments box and if you would like to chat to us about your direct marketing or data requirements give us a call or email info@data-broker.co.uk