10 telemarketing habits you need to avoid

You have targets to hit right? You have pressure on your shoulders to bring in sales and sometimes this means slipping in to bad habits out of sheer desperation to close. We get it. We're here for you. So with that in mind, these are some bad habits you should never, ever develop when telemarketing. You can thank us later.



1. Be dismissive of your prospects questions.

The fact that they have questions shows they are considering the product, so this is where you win them over and convince them to choose you.


2. Interrupt or talk over them.

You will get their back up instantly, and whether they like the product or not, they won't want to give you their business.


3. Make the call sound too scripted.

Be natural and tailor it to each call. If it sounds like you've said this fifty times already today, the prospect won't get the personalised experience they should.No Script


4. Assume your product is relevant to what they do.

Research who you're calling beforehand and if you are using a marketing list, make sure it is a true representation of your target customer


5. Say things like 'how are you today?'

It's an obvious sign of a sales call and they will already be trying to figure out how to get you off the phone. Try out a few different introductions and see which one works best.


6. Speak too fast, sound unenthusiastic or give fluffy responses.

Be clear, get straight to the point and stay away from too much jargon.


7. Forget to follow-up when you said you would.

If you have their interest and they're expecting another call from you, make sure they receive it. The initial service they receive will set the precedence for the rest of their time with you.


8. Have a lot of background noise when you call them.

This is just annoying, and may cause some things to get lost in translation.


9. Lie or promise something you can't deliver.

You will get caught out eventually, and this could cause unnecessary stress to your colleagues managing the account once you have brought it in.


10. Argue.

Never, ever, ever argue. Ever.

Now that you are fully equipped with what not to do, we invite you to go forth and make calls, and if you need assistance with finding the right telemarketing list, contact us today to find out how we can help. We're great on the phone.