TPS & CTPS: What are the telephone preference services?

The TPS or Telephone Preference Service and CTPS (Corporate Telephone Preference Service) is a central store of all telephone numbers in the UK that you are not legally allowed to make marketing calls to. Firstly, it is huge! Its maintained by the Direct Marketing Association and its now up to 14m landline numbers. That equates to 75% of all landlines in the UK.

Why bother with the CTPS & TPS checking?

Simple this one – if you get caught makes sales calls to numbers registered on the TPS or CTPS, you are liable for a fine of up to £500. This applies to all business including charities. Don’t worry though, we can take this problem away.

TPS & CTPS Checking with Databroker

Databroker can check your data every 28 days in compliance with the Preference Services and I.C.O. This will make you fully compliant. Its quick and we do all the hard work for you delivering your file back, clean and updated. 80,000 people register on the TPS or CTPS every month. If your business contacts someone who have registered on the TPS or CTPS, not only are you causing brand damage you could also face a £500,000 fine. Half a million quid. Can your company afford to pay up for calling TPS/CTPS registered telephone numbers? Thought not.

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