Telephone number checking

Don’t waste valuable telemarketing time and resources trying to call dead telephone numbers.

A quick and cheap solution is to use Databrokers telephone number checking and validation service. Telephone number checking takes seconds and is an invaluable service. Feeding your telemarketing with clean, live telephone numbers is essential:

  • Get through to more customers first time
  • Reduce telemarketing downtime
  • Maximise marketing efforts

Best of all, telephone number checking takes seconds and doesn’t inconvenience your customers in anyway as this system does not make their phone ring, therefore customers are completely unaware that the line is being checked.

Data Cleaning from Databroker

A clean up-to-date database is the most valuable asset your business owns. If you are concerned that you are throwing money away marketing to poor quality or out of date data, get a free data audit from Databroker. A data audit is a simple jargon-free report telling you what state your data is in and how much it will cost to get it up to scratch and legally compliant. This cost is always significantly lower than the time and financial cost of marketing to a poor database. This easy to digest report gives your data a healthcheck and summarises key information such as:

  • Incorrect telephone numbers
  • Telephone numbers on TPS/CTPS register
  • Goneaways
  • Missing information
  • New contacts available
  • Enhancements available such as appending telephone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses

Ensure your file is in tip-top condition with telephone number checking and a free data audit from Databroker.

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