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Did you know that businesses lose contact with up to 15% of their customers every year?

Contact details for your customers and prospects are constantly changing, for example a staggering 3 million consumers move house per year.  Businesses need to keep up-to-date with customer details otherwise you run the risk of losing them forever. Marketing to goneway records costs businesses millions per year as well as causing undue distress to family members by trying to contact deceased relatives, encourages fraud and identity theft, impacts on the environment with masses of paper waste making its way to landfill and damages your brand reputation. Databroker can remove goneway records from your database as well as find new contacts and updated information.  A clean marketing database is essential for any business.  It enables you to keep in contact with your customers, re-ignite lapsed relationships, up-sell, cross sell and can even help you find new customers by profiling your existing data and identifying matching prospects.

Get a free data audit

A data audit is a simple jargon-free report telling you what state your data is in and how much it will cost to get it up to scratch and legally compliant. This cost is always significantly lower than the time and financial cost of marketing to a poor database. This easy to digest report identifies how many records within your database are goneaways or deceased and summarises other key information such as:

  • Incorrect telephone numbers
  • Telephone numbers on TPS/CTPS register
  • Missing information
  • New contacts available
  • Enhancements available such as telephone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses

Contact Databroker today and clean up your database with our goneaway removal service and data audits.

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