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When you’re running B2C email marketing campaigns, you need to approach a list broker who can provide you with the right B2C email list for your project.

Databroker can supply data from the largest consumer email lists available in the UK. When you’re planning an email broadcast, you need to know that you’re targeting the right consumer audience. By using a data broker, you make sure that the data set which we recommend gives your campaign a better return on the investment.

The DMA has shown that consumers want to receive timely and relevant email marketing, rather than a barrage of emails with uninteresting content.

Emails are now read on a variety of devices, including mobile phones, tablets and computers, so remember you can target consumers more easily than ever before. As well as providing the data, Databroker can help you to design HTML content and make it relevant to your promotion, increasing your ROI.

When Databroker supply email broadcast for our clients, we can also provide full reports, including delivery rates, open rates and click-through rates. Click for more information on email broadcasts from Databroker.

Why buy consumer email data from Databroker? Why chose a list broker, like Databroker to help you target and run your consumer email marketing campaigns? We are consumer data experts, with access to every B2C email list available within the UK.

We always select email lists based on ROI statistics and list quality, ensuring your campaign will succeed in bringing you more new business. Accurate data is vitally important and Databroker can select email lists that have up to 100% email accuracy, allowing you to target as many new customers as possible.

We ensure that every email source is fully compliant with UK Law and the guidelines and best practice procedures put in place by the Direct Marketing Association, meaning you can buy in confidence from Databroker.

Coming to Databroker for a recommendation on B2C email lists increase the return on your investment, brings you more new customers and increases your brand awareness amongst UK consumers.

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Databroker do not own, control or generate any individual email data. This service is based around referring the best sources in the market today to you to ensure complete confidence.

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