I want a list of… UK  Manufacturing Companies to market to

By using a quality list of Manufacturing Companies, we can help your sales grow and mass produce customers.

Marketing to the correct database is the foundation for any successful outbound marketing campaign. A solid manufacturing database will save you time, money and resources. Marketing to weak manufacturing data will lead to your marketing material rolling off the production line and straight into the bin! Don’t take that chance, if you’re looking for the most receptive list of UK Manufacturing companies, your search is over, Databroker has you covered.

Here at Databroker we have extensively researched a range of marketing options, giving you access to the most detailed list of manufacturing companies in the UK, many of whom are registered with The Manufactures’ Association (EEF). These Manufacturing databases cover thousands of manufacturing companies, ripe for marketing campaigns from construction and energy companies, tradesmen and engineers.

The companies selected in the Manufacturing databases serve clients in the transportation, chemical product, food and beverage and construction industries. Remember, our recommended Manufacturing lists only contain data gathered according to DMA best practice guidelines.

A good Manufacturing database gives you the best chance of contacting the correct company with the correct decision maker, and with industry leading guarantees, low error rates and a whole host of customisable data selections, Databroker can help you convert more sales, simple as that. Turn your sales team into a customer producing factory with accurate lists of manufacturing firms.

The Complete Manufacturing database

  • Thousands of Manufacturing Companies on the mailing list – cleansed against the MPS for best practice.
  • Thousands of  Manufacturing Companies to telemarket to – cleansed against the CTPS for best practice.
  • Thousands of emails, a complete Manufacturers Email List

What fields are in the List of Manufacturers?

  • Full Manufacturing Company Name and Address
  • CTPS Clean Telephone Number – Avoid any fine.
  • Personal email of Senior Decision Maker such as Director, Chief Executive etc.
  • Number of Employees at targeted UK Manufacturing Companies
  • Industry Code and Description

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