I want a list of… Dentists in the UK to market to

Databroker have made marketing to dentists as easy as fighting plaque with a supersonic toothbrush. Data is important, as important as visiting your dentist regularly.

If you neglect your teeth, they will fall out, and if you neglect to market to the correct list of dentists major sales decay will set in. Our Dentist Database contains top quality dental practice information including the senior dentist or partner as contact options. The dentist themselves would approve of the daily data cleansing and hygiene regime for this database –the data is flossed to prevent decay!

As part of the commitment to the Direct Marketing Association, this Dentists Database is 100% compliant with EU and UK laws and is CTPS checked every 28 days. Along with accurate and squeaky clean contacts details, this list allows you to drill down to the right audience with geography and practice size details included.

The Complete List of Dentists in the UK

  • Thousands of Dental Contacts mailing list – cleansed against the MPS for best practice direct mail.
  • Thousands of Dentist Firms or Dental Practices to phone – cleansed against the CTPS for best practice telemarketing.
  • Thousands of PERSONAL emails of Dentists in the UK – the complete picture. 0% Generic emails.

What fields are included with the List of Dentists?

  • Full Dental Practice Company Name and Address
  • CTPS Clean Telephone Number – Avoid any fine.
  • Personal email of Senior Decision Maker such as Senior Dentist / Partner.
  • Number of Employees at Dental Practice – Enhanced Targeting
  • FPS Clean Fax number where available
  • Industry Code and Description

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