I want a list of… Care Homes in the UK to market to

Social care nursing homes residential care breakdowns by type of care number of beds etc. When you’re contacting Care Homes, you’ll need the most comprehensive Social Care mailing, telephone and email list available.

Having researched and tested the options available for Care Home databases in the UK, we offer access to thousands of potential targets. Care homes typically offer social and residential care the elderly, however our list also includes day care, specialist care and children’s care homes. Care homes are run the local authority or NHS trust, as well as private nursing homes. The Mental Health Act and Health and Social Care Act, along with careful regulation from the Care Quality Commission.

The Complete List of Care Homes in the UK

  • Thousands of Care Homes on the mailing list – cleansed against the MPS for best practice.
  • Thousands of Care Homes to telemarket to – cleansed against the CTPS for best practice.
  • Thousands of emails of Care Homes in the UK – the complete picture.

What fields are in the List of Care Homes?

  • Full Company Name and Address
  • CTPS Clean Telephone Number – Avoid any fine.
  • Personal email of Senior Decision Maker
  • Number of Employees  – Enhanced Targeting
  • Industry Code and Description

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