List of Marketing Managers, Marketing Directors, Digital Managers and Brand Managers Database

Quality Marketing Manager lists are few and far between but fortunately after hunting high and low, Databroker have found several lists and databases of Marketing Directors email addresses that they themselves would be proud to purchase.

Not only can we access Marketing Managers and Marketing Directors, we can also provide you guaranteed accurate contact details of the most important Brand Managers and Digital Marketing Managers in the country. Check out the below of what you can buy today.

Gain access to the best Marketing Contacts Lists available

  • List of 5,000 Marketing Managers
  • List of 5,500 Marketing Directors
  • List of 800 Brand Managers
  • List of 800 Digital Marketing Contacts
  • List of 2,700 PR Managers and PR Directors

Buy Marketing Contacts lists from the experts

When conducting campaigns to marketing professionals, speak to the data professionals first. You will be marketing to your peers so this is no place to get the basics wrong and buy a duff list. Databroker can offer all the advice and data you will need to make sure that your campaign is a success. For any of the below, call in and make selections on turnover, employees, industry and location. We can provide the following:

  • Named Marketing Contacts Mailing List
  • Named Marketing Contacts Personal Email Addresses
  • Named Marketing Contacts List for Telemarketing

Fulfilment Services for your Direct Marketing

Databroker also provide professional fulfilment services to get the most out of the guaranteed quality list of marketing contacts. Let Databroker do all the hard work and use our expertise for Telemarketing, Email Broadcasting or Mailing Fulfilment.  We also provide integrated campaigns using all three methods of communication and can even customise a fulfilment package to your exact requirements.  Multi-channel marketing can increase response rates by a massive 600% so it is worth your while asking us about integrated campaigns.

Make one call today and put your feet up, we will be back to you with a tailor-made quote packed full of advice to get the best lists of marketing contacts around.

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