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Databroker provide market leading business telemarketing lists.

Telemarketing is an essential tool in your direct marketing armoury. There is no better way to generate qualified opportunities and book appointments for your sales teams.

Nothing is as powerful at getting your sales message across than a well executed phone call. Countless surveys show that in austere times, marketers fall back on telemarketing as the failsafe method of getting results.

B2B telemarketing lists

That said, your B2B telemarketing results can only be as good as the data used to fuel them. Good quality, accurate business data is vital. Buying your business telemarketing lists from Databroker will ensure that you are purchasing business telemarketing lists with some of the best quality data available in the market place today.

Buy your B2B telemarketing data from Databroker and our 25 years plus B2B direct marketing experience and consultative approach will increase the ROI from your campaigns. More calls connecting = more prospects contacted = more leads & appointments generated.

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Multi Channel Marketing

Using professional B2B telemarketing to follow up business direct mail and business email broadcasts can increase the success rates of your marketing campaigns by six fold!

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