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Purchase accurate consumer SMS lists

SMS marketing via text message is the most direct route of contacting consumers, especially as 80% of the UK population now has a mobile phone.

Unlike email or postal campaigns, an SMS goes straight to the consumer, giving you better results and an immediate opportunity to achieve a sale.

Like all outbound marketing campaigns, text message broadcasts require full planning to ensure that the content is suitable and that the data brief selected, matches your target market. Selecting a suitable list for SMS marketing is a specialism of Databroker. We work with our clients, understanding your product and the offering, before sourcing the best list for the campaign and guaranteeing better ROI.

With Databroker you can purchase over 15 million opt-in SMS records for UK consumers, giving you access to the largest pool of data in the UK market. According to the latest research, UK consumers check their mobile phone at least 60 times per day, giving you more opportunity to engage with consumers and produce more leads for your company.

As a leading list broker, Databroker are able to draw on a wealth of experience when helping you decide on the best data for your campaign. We can target consumers based on socio-economic status, earnings, house type, mortgage, loans and lifestyle selections, to mention a few of the options. We can also source many niche data lists, for example; high net worth, expectant mothers, investors and solar install prospects.

Choose Databroker for your consumer SMS campaign

By choosing a data broker to source the data for your SMS campaign, you can rest assured that the data which you are using is directly matched to your brief, guaranteed to upto 100% accuracy and sourced from suppliers that are legally and ethically compliant. This ensures that your campaign has the best chance of success and achieves a better return on your investment.

Through our benchmarking process, Databroker test and verify all the consumer SMS sources available on the market. The results of these benchmarking tests allow us to accurately measure the viability of the various sources and rank them for certain criteria. So when you approach Databroker, you know that we are offering top quality data for your campaign.

The data world can be tarnished by some less suitable data lists, however by using a list broker you needn’t have these concerns. Databroker ensure that all of the SMS lists which we provide are 100% opt-in, compliant with UK law and sourced from companies who are members of the Direct Marketing Association. This gives our clients peace of mind and creates better campaign response rates.

With UK consumers sending an average of over 10 text messages every day, you can generate more leads and achieve more sales by choosing Databroker to supply the SMS data for your text message marketing campaign.

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