Telemarketing from Databroker

Databroker offer a complete range of telemarketing services for our clients.

Whether you need appointment setting campaigns, lead generation, market research or plain old data cleansing and/or gathering Databroker is here to provide you with industry leading telemarketing solutions tailored to your requirements.

Why use Databroker for your Telemarketing campaigns

Time and time again, telemarketing is proven to be one of the most powerful direct marketing methods at your disposal.  In times of economic doom, when most marketing budgets are squeezed, spend on telemarketing actually increases showing that marketers trust and rely on telemarketing to get results when the chips are down.

However, your telemarketing campaigns are only as good as the data used to fuel them.

Telemarketing from Databroker ensures that not only do you get the best telemarketing solutions bespoke to your requirements, but also that the data behind the campaign is selected and vetted by our data experts.  And with some of the best data available in the marketplace today the sure-fire way to ensure your campaigns are a success!

Click for more information on Business Data lists or Consumer Data lists from Databroker.

Multi Channel Marketing from Databroker

Integrating telemarketing campaigns with postal or professional email broadcasts will increase
the success rates of your marketing campaigns by up to six fold!  Click here for more information on multi channel marketing from Databroker.

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