Direct Mailing Services from Databroker

Databroker now offers our clients a complete direct mail solution. From prospect identification & targeting, data selection and provision right through to fulfilment and follow up campaigns.

Whether you need the complete package or just a few of the component parts, Databroker can help. And as with all of our services, with our independent advice and consultative approach you can be sure that together we will make the most of your marketing budget.

Direct mail campaigns have long proved to be one of the most engaging types of direct marketing out there. Highly personal and tactile a direct mail piece can communicate your message far easier and in a more endearing manner than an easily ignored email or sometimes intrusive phone call.

Using all of the latest technological advances such as personalisation, QR codes and “handwritten” formats, you can be sure of the success of your direct mail campaigns from Databroker.

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Why use Databroker for your Direct Mail campaigns

Direct mailing campaigns can be expensive, especially since the recent rise in postage costs, so the quality of data used for your campaigns is essential. Accurate data is a must.

Should you require a data list for your campaigns, buying data from Databroker comes with our quality promise. We pledge that the data you receive has some of the best quality and accuracy available. Higher quality data makes sure that more of your mailings land on the right decision makers desk, less wastage = better ROI for your campaigns.

With over 10 years experience, our expertise and consultative approach will ensure that you get the most accurate, targeted business mailing list for your campaign.

Multi Channel Marketing from Databroker

Integrating direct mail campaigns with pre or post email and telemarketing campaigns will increase the success rates by up to six fold! Click here for more information on multi channel marketing from Databroker.

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