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Email Marketing, once the darling of 1990’s marketing managers, has taken a bit of a battering of late.

However that doesn’t mean email marketing isn’t an incredibly valuable marketing tool. Email messages can be personalised, individually tailored, enriched with social media, video and audio content, and when used properly, email marketing can be highly responsive.

However use email indiscriminately as a mass broadcasting method and you run the risk of irritating your existing and potential customers, not to mention alerting the spam filters.

Databroker’s consultative approach and email marketing expertise ensures that you avoid making such mistakes and we will make a success of your campaign.

Our email broadcasting platform

Email marketing is constantly evolving, using Databroker for your email broadcasting will help you navigate this fascinating and rewarding marketing tool.

Why use Databroker for Email Broadcasting & Email Marketing campaigns

Databroker has over 25 years experience in B2B email marketing, and as with all direct marketing methods, accurate data is a must. Accurate email data is essential to the success of your campaigns.

All data that you buy from is legally compliant in line with UK & EU law, from DMA members and adhere to stringent Databroker guidelines.

We benchmark all data sources and as we are independent and impartial we make sure that you get a database of potential customers and not a list of dead emails and spam traps.

Multi Channel Marketing from Databroker

Did you know that integrated campaigns are 6 times more likely to generate a response?! Using email to “warm up” sales leads before telemarketing campaigns, or in conjunction with direct mail will see a dramatic increase in the sales generated from your marketing campaigns. Click for more information on multi channel marketing from Databroker.

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