Tuesday 31st March 2015

OptOutGraphicBlog Like many industries, the data industry is made up a number of fully compliant, good-quality operators. However, a small percentage of non-compliant operators can give our industry a bad name.

The direct marketing industry in the UK is crucial to the economy, however only when marketing is ethical, well-targeted and within the best practice guidelines.

Databroker strive to achieve excellence by vetting our suppliers, gathering detailed compliance information for all sources and regularly benchmarking suppliers. In addition, all our clients undergo detailed compliance checks, including gathering MOJ, FCA and ICO registration details before we consider  ordering from them.

Databroker chooses not to work with PPI, Personal Injury, Health and Debt related companies. We also choose not to supply to data relating to anyone over the age of 70. There are a number of opt-out procedures available to UK consumers so that they can reduce the amount of marketing which  they receive.  If you have any questions regarding marketing material that  you’re receiving, the following information should help…

Mailing Preference Service

All compliant data lists will be screened regularly against the MPS, for consumers who chose to opt-out their address from receiving postal marketing. The service is free to register on, by going to www.mpsonline.org.uk.

Telephone Preference Service

Similar to the MPS, the TPS is the out-out service for phone numbers, again by registering at www.tpsonline.org.uk. Unfortunately you may still receive some calls from unscrupulous providers, however there are details on the site for making complaints about unauthorised calls. www.tps.org.uk

Subject Access Request

Otherwise known as SAR, this is your right as a consumer to find out where the data comes from which results in your being called, mailed to, emailed or texted. The brand who contacts you must release details of the data source for you. You can then request to be removed from the data file. www.ico.org.uk

Direct Marketing Association

The DMA are striving to attain best practice across the marketing industry. The DMA overseas marketing within the UK and all bonafide data suppliers should be registered members. You can contact the DMA through www.dma.org.uk.

Databroker’s Opt-Out Request Form

Should you have received any marketing from a client of Databroker, you can opt-out of future campaigns by clicking this link. In addition to the above, you also have the right to complain to the Information Commission (ICO) about any unauthorised contact. This is often a secondary measure, if you feel that the routes above haven’t solved the issue. If you have any further questions regarding compliance, we’re happy to help

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