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Friday 12th December 2014

On Saturday 6th December, it was Small Business Saturday, a day to encourage shoppers to leave the mainstream, chain shops behind and embrace the small, independent businesses that are often forgotten in the midst of the Christmas rush. 

We thought we’d offer our own bit of help for the small businesses of the country with bespoke advice for how to make the most of your email marketing campaign, if you are a smaller fish in the metaphorical business pond.

1. There’s plenty more fish in the sea Don’t limit yourself to a select audience of people on your email mailing list. Although this may have worked in the past, there could be other opportunities that you’re missing out on. It’s important to segment your email marketing lists, reaching relevant customers who will be interested in the service you’re offering or the products you’re selling. Expand a little and take small risks. If they don’t pay off, then at least you tried. Then attempt other methods and keep trialing.

2. Personalisation As a small business, it’s more important for you to create personal relationships with your customers, as loyalty is a key aspect to long-term success. Email them around their birthday, make them feel special. You could even offer a discount for their birthday, encouraging them to buy when they’ve just received all their gift money. It’s sneaky, but it works.

3. Cater to the masses Although you’re a small business, that doesn’t mean you should skimp on quality. Ensure it’s easy and simple to sign up to your newsletter; use an effective layout and design; and make sure your content is relevant and unique to your audience. This way, you’ll still keep your small business ethics, but will continue to impress your customers with professional and big business marketing. Ensuring your email marketing campaign spans across all devices, such as mobile and tablets is vital to prove to your customers that you’re serious about competing with the big dogs. Plus you’ll thank yourself for it in the long-run.

4. Relevance Whether you’re a big or small company, always ensure that your email campaigns are as relevant as possible. As a small company, there’s no point attempting to target a range of different audiences and ignoring the relevance of your email message to those particular audiences. Ensure that your message is clear and exact and that you’ve done your mailing list research. No matter how small your business is, always ensure that you examine and explore new ways to promote yourself, especially to those specific and niche audiences. If you need help when finding an audience for your small business email marketing campaign, then contact a member of our team today to see how we can advise you on your data needs.

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