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Tuesday 12th August 2014

Databroker are recruiting. I was bored of writing job board guff so I decided the best thing to do was to write a song about it instead. Naturally. When joining Databroker as a Business Development Legend, there is only one song that can be used as inspiration. I couldn’t think of any lyrics that went with the Rocky IV Training Montage so I turned my attention to something a little more manageable. Credit to Mr Bowie. I imagine this was want he wanted to say with the original.  

I, I will go out on a limb Salary so high, I feel a victim Oh ring Ring if you are clever Central Altrincham, for ever and ever Oh we can be brokers, Happy each day I, I am Hiring And you, you will be keen And no-one will give you more pay We even leave early, 5 on Friday Come and join us, happy each day I, I can remember (I remember) Expanding, when we were small (we were small) Experience will stand you in a good stead (stand in good stead) Advise on Lists, and give me a call (give me a call) Have an aim, come work with pride Altrincham, is always good weather Oh we can be brokers, Happy each day We can be brokers We can be brokers We can be brokers Mon to Friday We can be brokers   Think you have what it takes to be the next hero at Databroker?  Give John a call on 0161 941 5700 or email info@data-broker.co.uk 

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