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Wednesday 21st May 2014

Although maybe not one of my most masculine traits, I’m quite good at baking (although potentially rubbish at modesty).

After arriving home on Monday night from work I decided to bake my signature desert, a ‘Lemon Drizzle Cake’ to be precise.

Using nothing more than my Grandmothers Victoria Sponge recipe and a sack full of citrus fruit I began.

Sixty minutes later the kitchen looked as if I had opened the ingredients and thrown them at the walls but there, on the cake stand, was the precious finished article. I resisted the urge to instantly demolish the whole thing and instead brought it in to the office to face the scrutiny of the ‘foodies’.

I’m pleased to say the cake was widely accepted as a roaring success although, I fear, I may now have set myself up to bring in scones next week… cupcakes the week after and a chocolate cake to see us into June.

All this thought of ingredients made me think…

What are the ingredients in your marketing campaign? They might be a cleverly designed HTML for your email or a quirky script for your telemarketing but all of this is irrelevant if you don’t follow the right recipe. In baking if you mess up your recipe your cake will fail. In marketing if you mess up your data your campaign will fail.

Why not let the ‘Data-Bakers’ take the strain and source you the best ingredients for your marketing cake. As independent and impartial list brokers we advise based on actual experience, providing only the truth and not sales-spiel.

So let Databroker be the vital ingredient to your next marketing campaign. And if you fancy some cake, I will don my pinny and make sure there is some on offer at Databroker Towers!

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