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Friday 31st January 2014


Today’s questions from the (in)famous Databroker Quiz are below.  As it is the last day of the month, the theme is January 2014. Let us know how many you get correct! Highest score in the Databroker office; an impressive 9 out of 10, answers are posted underneath the questions. Good Luck!  

1. Which weather record was broken in many parts of the UK?

2. The highest ever ice hockey crowd was recorded in Michigan with over 105,000 people attending – can you name either team playing?

3. Bill de Blasio became the 109th mayor of which US city?

4. Which Grammy award winning pop duo, best known for the song Miss Jackson, announced they were to reform?

5. Who was sent to Korea to meet Kim Jon Un as part of a peacekeeping mission?

6. Lewis Clarke, aged 16, became the youngest explorer to trek to where?

7. Two Las Vegas casinos became to first to accept which other form of payment, never allowed previously?

8. Which woman won the Australian Open tennis?

9. Somewhat surprisingly, which person, currently seeking political asylum in Russia was nominated for the Nobel peace prize?

10. Which French duo won Record of the Year at the Grammys?  


1. Rainfall

2. Toronto Maple Leafs / Detroit Red Wings

3. New York

4. Outkast

5. Dennis Rodman

6. South Pole

7. Bitcoin

8. Li Na

9. Edward Snowden

10. Daft Punk

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