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Tuesday 7th February 2012

As a data broker, I am a cog in the direct marketing machine and very much an advocate of ‘good’ outbound marketing.  Few can argue that there isn’t a place for successful outbound telemarketing within the marketing mix. What I can certainly argue against and make no apologies for is the current use of offshore call centres and how UK brands just don’t seem to understand what their customer perceptions are. And no, I am not going to make this warm and fuzzy and call them contact centres or Contact Ambassadors or other such guff – they are call centres plain and simple.  Mice on the wheel, power diallers on, input the telephone numbers and off you go.  I am not saying that’s how all call centres work of course, just the ones that I seem to be unfortunate enough to receive calls from.   I suppose this highlights just how many companies still make poor choices for direct marketing strategy and techniques. Today I received a very rude call from an offshore call centre based within the sub-continent.  There are many things that gall me about these calls such as the delay, the apparent rudeness of the staff (I appreciate this is merely language barrier nuances but it’s still a factor – eg “Hello – this call is about the internet right?”  I don’t know, is it?  Is that a question? ) and how when challenged, the staff are quite happy to talk or even shout over you.   However, you could easily get that from poor telemarketing companies in the UK as well so it’s important to recognise that balance. What irritates me the most is the obvious lie about the contact centre employees’ name.  It’s infuriating.  I have never been called from the sub continent and not had someone speak to me with a very western name – how strange. I even had ‘John Connor’ of Terminator fame call me last week.  Today it was ‘Jessica’. When googling common first names of those regions, western names are nowhere to be seen; so why is it that I am recipient to such tremendous mathematical odds.  Why can’t this million to 1 chance be given to me in the shape of a lottery ticket instead? What is as equally depressing is that the call centres feel that have to do this or are being told too. That’s poor in itself.  But be that as it may, how can I ever put trust in the brand (are you reading this big UK telecoms/utilities/banks ?? ) when within 10 seconds their ambassador has already lied to me!!?  I would have far greater respect if they introduced themselves with their correct name. So the next time that Simon Walsh or Louis Cowell calls me asking about my broadband I will be ending the call.  However if you are called Rakesh, let me know and it will be nice to speak to you. Maybe the next time my broadband goes down, I should give the repair line a call and say that my name is ‘Mick Dundee’ – see how they like it. Databroker is a huge fan of telemarketing as we see the results that our clients get using our data as fuel for great campaigns.  To get the most ROI from your telemarketing, give us a call and like your beef shopping – “Buy British” speak to UK telemarketing companies.  They will do a great job.  0161 941 5700 or email info@data-broker.co.uk Click Here for more honest opinions and refreshing candor in “The Secret Diary of a List Broker”

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