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Thursday 26th January 2012

A massive 84% of B2B brands view telemarketing as “important” and above, with a huge 60% of those stating that telemarketing was with “Critical” or “Very Important” to their organisations.  Here at Databroker we tend to agree! According to a new survey conducted by B2B Marketing Magazine in association with The Telemarketing Company, telemarketing remains an essential tool in generating sales and nurturing those hard earned leads in the B2B world. Within the new digital age of tweets, +1s and like buttons, this is great news for the tried and tested marketing behemoth.  Telemarketing can and does get results.  And the results of the survey prove it.

Top uses of B2B telemarketing

The top three objectives of B2B telemarketing campaigns were: 75% use telemarketing for prospecting/lead generation, 68% for booking sales appointments and 64% use it for following up direct mail. This shows that telemarketing plays a vital part in lead generation and lead nurturing.  Nothing is as powerful or can get your message across better than a well executed phone call.  This isn’t to say that other forms of marketing such as email, direct mail and the new social media era do not have their part to play in generating sales.  The increasingly favoured ‘drip’ approach of having a constant flow of marketing messages going out to your target audience, rather than one-hit wonder campaigns, shows that continual communication works best.

B2B telemarketing investment on the rise

More good news, telemarketing investment is on the up.  45% said spend is higher this year than last and 31% say that spend will increase further in 2012.  Another encouraging note, 75% said that the economic doom and gloom has resulted in an increase of telemarketing budget as marketers fall back on the fail safe methods of getting their message across and their sales up.

No they weren’t “the good old days”…

Despite all of the above, this doesn’t give the green light on a zombie like resurrection of the much maligned cold calling of days gone by.  Poor quality B2B data, rude telesales staff and inappropriate offers are all a big no no. None of these impressive statistics can be achieved without the right fuel.  Getting the B2B data lists right is a solid platform to build a successful telemarketing campaign.  Put the wrong list in and get a poor return out. A telephone number is not just a telephone number. At Databroker we can tell you the meaning behind the numbers and advise you on the right selections for your telemarketing campaign. 

Jack of all trades = master of none

One more handy hint:  Stick to the experts at every stage, don’t allow telemarketing companies to source your data and don’t allow data companies to conduct your telemarketing, this is a recipe for disaster. We love telemarketing and we love making your telemarketing campaigns better.  Call Databroker today for free and impartial advice from the B2B Data experts0161 941 5700 or email info@data-broker.co.uk Databroker Business Data advice – rocket fuel for your telemarketing.

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