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Friday 27th January 2012

We have a great guest blog today from one of our Databroker Approved Partners: Chris Newton from Newton Fox Telemarketing. Chris discusses the “perfect” time to make a telemarketing call; whether the perfect time acutally exists or whether we just make excuses not to make that call?

Perfect Time To Call?

All these recent bank holidays have reminded me about a principle I have known for many years now but is still widely ignored by most. It concern the debate about when to make sales calls and, more forcefully, when not to. Conventional wisdom has it that there are certain times in the day that are no good for making cold calls, like 9-10am, (too early), 12 -2pm, (lunchtime), and after 4pm (too late). Then there are the bad times to call in the week, like Monday morning, (too grumpy) and Friday afternoon (too sleepy). Then there’s the bad times of the year to call. Bank holiday weeks (everyone’s on holiday), summer (same reason), December (everyone’s in party mode) and January (too grumpy again!) So, let’s see. We’ve now reduced the working week from 37.5 hrs to 16 and got rid of at least three months off the working year. Not bad if you’re a sales person, eh? So let me ask you a question. Who do you think started these myths? That’s right, sales people. Sales people who would rather be on the golf course than in the office. Sales people who want an extended lunch break every day and two months at Christmas. Think about it. Was your last Monday morning really that different to your last Tuesday morning? Really? And what about lunch. When was the last time you, or anyone you know for that matter, went out for a two hour slap up at lunch-time? Most people I know grab a sandwich at their desk if they’re lucky. As for Friday afternoons? Most people are in a good mood, reluctant to start a new project and so are often very receptive. Even if these people were right (which twenty five years telesales experience tells me they’re most definitely are not) then why follow like sheep? You’ll be the only sales call on a Monday morning giving you a distinct advantage. There is a serious consideration here and it’s about attitude. If you’re the person tasked with promoting your company and its services then you should be on the phone at every conceivable minute. The very second you start saying to yourself that there might be a better time than another to pick the phone up you’ll start analysing and over analysing until one day you’ll reduce your working week to just a couple of hours here and there because ‘they’ say that’s how it works. Well, I say absolute rubbish! Get on that phone, morning noon and night. I once called a company who said I was ‘wasting my time’ because the guy who makes decisions works nights and doesn’t start until 11pm. So I rang at 11.30pm and asked if I could come to see him. Now? He asked, very surprised that someone was actually making a “sales call” at such an hour. “Yes,” I said, “right now. Why not?” I got the business and the company went on to spend an awful lot of money with my business in the following months. So, the next time you hear yourself or someone else saying that this isn’t a good time to call then ignore that voice and get on with it. You’ll be very glad you did. Follow @New3Chris Chris Newton, founder of Newton Fox has spent almost three decades in direct sales and launched four separate companies from a standing start to multi-million pound concerns during that time.  Chris attributes his success to hard work, honesty and a willingness to put the customer first at every stage of the sales process. Newton Fox came into existence to help any business realise its full potential and Chris, together with wife Julie, has put together a formidable team of well trained sales professionals to help achieve this. For more information on Newton Fox and any of the services they provide please contact Chris on 01204 368491 or alternatively e-mail chris@newtonfoxtelemarketing.co.uk If you would like more information on the Databroker Approved Partner scheme then please contact us on 0161 941 5700 or email info@data-broker.co.uk

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