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Thursday 17th November 2011

17/11/11 We get many emails from dubious companies offering data.  We can spot them a mile away and more than anything, they make us chuckle.   But of course there is a serious side; these companies exist because innocent people are being duped by their sales pitch and/or dazzled by the seemingly amazing “cost effectiveness” of their product. The age old saying of “buy cheap, buy twice” is never more appropriate here.  But buying poor quality data can cost you in more ways than one.  Damage to your brand and reputation by using poor quality, often illegal data is not a risk you can afford to take. So here is Super-Databroker once again coming to your aid in our crusade to clean up the data industry.  Check out an example of the types of companies you should avoid like the plague. We have changed the names for obvious reasons.   Our comments & thoughts are highlighted. Hello, My name is BRUCE KING and I’m curious to know if you may require our Email Lists or Email Marketing services for your company, clients, partners, etc.   {Probably not Bruce but go on, hit me} Our Services are the Optimum Solutions for anyone’s concern towards Sales in terms to Increase their Profits, Market Shares and Return on Investments. {eh?  If that’s not mumbo jumbo sales spiel jargon I don’t know what is!!   In fact that entire paragraph doesn’t make sense.   And whilst I am at it, go easy on the capital letters Brucey. You do have a solid grasp of English right? I mean being an American company you should be fine on that score…. Oh wait, I get it.  You are not actually an American company at all are you?  This is just a game of Let’s Pretend to be credible and legit.  Woo-hoo, I love a mystery.  You got me hooked Brucey.} {Ok so 1 word, 2 syllables , sounds like Collox… If you feel this is not for you but you know somebody who may be interested in the review of lead generation, then please feel free to forward this email to them and I’ll be happy to help. We are a Multi Channel Database and Marketing Solutions Company specialized in B2B Data, B2C Data, Direct Marketing Lists, Consumer Lists, Tele-Prospecting Lists, Email Lists, etc. across the Globe for all Industry verticals with a data pool over 20 Million opt-in & dual verified contacts. {Dual verified; Wow!  What does that mean?  It sounds great though!  Verified by two people? Verified twice ever?  Verified GTI diesel Turbo?  Don’t stop at Dual Bruce, if it’s not quadruple opt-in next time, I will be disappointed.} Primary Services Include – Target Based Lists(B2B & B2C), Email Broadcasting, Email and Data Appending, Reverse Appending, Data Cleansing, Tele-Prospecting, Email Marketing, Data Entry Projects and many more. Customized List – We also build and source contacts for your target audience, if you could help me with your specific target description by mentioning any of these like Industry/SIC Code of Companies/Product Users/Title or Job responsibility, Geographical Area, Revenue Type, Size of Company, etc. Our Universal Database  {hey big is best right!  And that sounds BIG!! } Comprise Complete information like Company Name, Company URL  {is this a tongue twister?  makes Peter Piper picked a pot of pickled peppers read easy. And for goodness sake Bruce what in the blue hell are you doing with all those capital letters?}, Full Name, First Name, Last Name, Title, Telephone Number, Fax Number, Physical Address with City, State, Country, Zip Code, Industry Type, Employee Size, Revenue Size, SIC Codes and more importantly with their Direct Email Addresses. We will deliver the lists with unlimited usage license and you can use them for Multi-Channel Marketing Practices.  {So we can actually use the data we buy from you?  Glad we got that cleared up} E-Blast – We help you reach out your target audience by deploying emails on your behalf, through the fastest, effective & most efficient delivery mechanism. USP’s of our Co.: fastest deliverability {according to who?}  affordability {is that a USP?}, working based on clients budget allocations {I don’t think this is unique Mr King} global coverage, assurance on services {erm, I should hope so?}, unlimited usage on lists {that’s not unique either perhaps we should explain to him what USP stands for}, etc.  Our objective is to tend helpful service at the lowest prices to serve businesses that indeed need us. Let me know your thoughts towards purchasing or using our Services. { ….} We’d like to help you develop your business. Thanks and waiting for your response. {don’t wait up } Warm regards, Bruce King Business Development T: XXXXXXXXXXXXX The lesson here is simple if you come across any “too good to be true offers” or any “Leading Data Suppliers” who don’t seem to be able to communicate in simple English, then be warned and stay on your toes, you could be heading for a fall. Of course the obvious way to avoid scammers all together and be safe in the knowledge that your B2B data and B2C data will be high quality and legally compliant is to speak to a list broker such as Databroker.  Give us a call today for free, independent and above all trustworthy advice on data and direct marketing.  0161 941 5700 or email info@data-broker.co.uk Click Here for more honest opinions and refreshing candor in “The Secret Diary of a List Broker”

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