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Tuesday 29th November 2011

The 2011 DMA Email Tracking study in conjunction with fast.MAP and Alchemy Worx has found that segmentation and targeted content = happy consumers.  The annual Email Tracking Study monitors 1800 UK consumers in their experiences, perception and responses to email marketing. The number of consumers who stated that they are interested in over 50% of the marketing emails they receive has jumped to a massive one-in-three compared to just one-in-ten in 2010. As well as the increase in email marketing relevance, the study has also revealed that the number of consumers who sign up to receive regular email marketing from brands is also on the up.  50% of consumers surveyed stated that they receive 20 or more emails from trusted brands. Commenting on the findings, Chris Combemale, DMA Executive Director, said: “The massive rise over the past year in the number of emails that consumers report as being of relevance to them is a direct consequence of improved targeting and segmentation techniques, as well as a greater understanding of the kinds of content that are appealing. This will be a great boon for business.” So the message here is clear, email marketing success depends on the clever use of email data and email marketing.  Ensure that your email data is segmented into prospect groups and that your email marketing messages are correctly targeted with relevant and interesting content. If you get your segmentation & targeting right you will then reap the rewards of increased open, click-through and conversion rates to your email marketing campaigns.  As well as increased conversion, get your content right and your customers will sign up to regularly receive your marketing messages, and once that happens you have a lovely warm prospect base which you can lovingly nurture till the cows come home… You can find the full results of the tracking study on the DMA website For more friendly, free and impartial advice on email data and email marketing then contact Databroker, 0161 941 5700 and info@data-broker.co.uk Databroker; impartial , trusted data advice.

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