Friday 16th September 2011

Databroker have partnered with some of the most experienced and well thought of individuals in the industry to provide you with a series of guest blogs on a wide range of marketing topics.  Today we are very lucky to have some top tips for improving your Social Media marketing from Dee GoldstrawManchester-based B2B PR specialist and social media expert.  We hope you enjoy Dee’s article, I am going to make sure I am double checking my tweets before hitting the return key from now on.  As always please let us know your comments and if you have any questions for Dee or Databroker just let us know.

Getting Social Media Write – Dee Goldstraw

As a B2B PR professional the written word is my main tool of the trade (ok and the ability to talk endlessly!) so I thought it was just me that got annoyed by the amount of spelling and grammar mistakes on social media platforms but apparently not. I read a great piece on Fresh Business Thinking the other day professing how much it grated on the author too. Yes, yes I know that on Twitter you only get 140 characters and I don’t mind a few abbreviations to get the point across and I am not that old that I don’t appreciate the fact that it’s supposed to be a more casual form of communication. But surely that doesn’t excuse a poor grasp of the English language and over use of punctuation?! Personally, I think it’s particularly prevalent in the B2B arena – if you’re managing a company’s social media presence or using any platform for professional purposes then shouldn’t one of the main aims be to get your key messages across in an appropriate and eloquent manner? Building relationships is a key element of social media but would you trust a firm of solicitors, for example that couldn’t spot a typo in their LinkedIn profile? You get my point so my top tip and one that I feel like shouting at my computer screen sometimes is: Social media is another marketing channel, treat it in the same way you would an e-shot or brochure – proof read the copy! It’s important to remember that all the little things combined form your online reputation – don’t fall at the first hurdle. I’d be interested to hear other people’s comments on this subject so tweet me @deegoldstraw. Dee Goldstraw is a Manchester-based freelance B2B PR, copywriter and social media professional who offers a straightforward and honest consultancy service to start-ups and SMEs.  You can contact Dee on

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