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Thursday 4th August 2011

3rd August Woohoo – one of my “favourite” data suppliers is back. Oh yes.  I just got their latest email today.  I was getting a bit worried as I hadn’t heard from them since the start of June.  I love getting this crazy stuff in my inbox, you literally couldn’t make half of it up.  See below for their latest offer to beat all offers: We are offering our UK Email & Direct Marketing Databases as a package due to closure. There are six databases for an inclusive cost of £350. All our databases are verified monthly and are of exceptional accuracy.  These are strictly ‘opt in’ records only.  All records contain full data fields including email address.  UK Databases Business Email Database Managing Director Email Database Sales & Marketing Directors Email Database HR and IT Directors Email Database Insurance Brokers Email Database See full details of all these databases on our website XXXXXXXX.com or simply reply to this email and we will send you full details. Or call us on  XXXXXXXXXX (please leave brief details if we are unavailable and we will return your call asap) We are professionals in our field and thought this may be a nice opportunity for some companies to obtain high quality marketing data without the usual high price.  We aim to offer the data set to varying industry types to avoid competition within the same sector. We would appreciate all data sales being completed by Friday 5th August. Kind regards XXXXXXXX I could of course wax lyrical about how unbelievably fantastic this deal is;  1 million “exceptionally accurate” data records for £350??  It’s the sale of the frickin century.   Form an orderly queue behind me.  But I wont bleat about that, what I will point out is that I have been receiving this “closing down sale” email since January and yet this outfit seem to be still open for business.  How curious. Oh and if you are at all tempted, they dont seem to be DMA members, suprisingly enough.  And in January they were offering the same database, plus a 5m US email database, for only £250 – so what’s with the 40% price hike!!?  Bandits. If it wasn’t environmentally poor form, I would consider printing out every questionable data supply email I get and pinning them to a wall.  A bit like Top Gears Cool Wall.  We could take continuous pictures to show the progress Databroker has made and the work we still have to do to increase the overall standard of data supply and direct marketing in the UK. In fact I should have that email as our homepage with a warning sign and a message saying “Still think you dont need expert advice from a List Broker?” At Databroker, we are here to protect you and make sure you get the correct list, think Mary Queen of Shops but male, shorter, less scary, no hair and a kick ass honest approach to the world of lists and data!  Give us a call if you want any friendly and free advice on B2B data, B2C data and direct marketing. Click Here for more honest opinions and refreshing candor in “The Secret Diary of a List Broker” © 2011 Databroker Ltd

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