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Tuesday 28th June 2011
John Keating
Written by John Keating
B2B Data

Unlike many business data providers, Databroker can source UK fleet databases containing both actual and modelled, or predicated, fleet data records.  Giving our customers the choice of what type of fleet data suits their requirements.


Fleet Manager Data 2.0 – Turbo and tele-verified

Databroker’s actual fleet databases are premium data files, awarded the Databroker 2.0 status for quality, accuracy and recency.  These fleet databases contain over 80,000 fleet data records.  All records have accurate fleet size figures and full contact details for fleet managers.

Data can be selected on fleet size and fleet type, whether it be car, van, motorbike, freight, buses or even taxis.


Databroker 2.0 Fleet Databases:

–          95%  accuracy as minimum

–          Data is telephone verified for accuracy

–          6 months recency – records have been telephone verified in the last 6 months

–          Replacement guaranteed


 Why choose Databroker

–          As a list broker, Databroker has access to several different UK fleet databases, all with different strengths and weaknesses.  Databroker can give you the ‘warts and all’ information.

–          Databroker is an impartial list broker.  That means you get unbiased recommendations on the fleet data which is right for your campaign. Unlike data owners who will only flog you their own data.

–          Databroker will only recommend fleet data from credible and reliable suppliers.  You will not be sold dodgy data, you will not be sold illegal data and you will not be lumped with a hefty fine and a brand in tatters for using a spam file.

–          Databroker will save you money.  Leveraging our supplier relationships we will negotiate the best rates on your behalf.  Plus our services are free!  Databroker earns commission from the data suppliers, which means that you get the best service, advice and recommendations for nothing!

So if you need free and friendly advice on UK fleet databases and fleet manager data, contact Databroker today on 0161 941 5700 or email info@data-broker.co.uk

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