Friday 20th May 2011
John Keating
Written by John Keating
B2B Data

If you are looking to sell your product or service to the lucrative professional services sector, Databroker can assist with targeting and sourcing specific business data lists such as; solicitor data lists, marketing agency lists, accountancy data and professional services contacts.  With volumes in excess of 96,000 records in this sector alone, Databroker will scour all available professional service lists available, to ensure you get the right data for the job.

Approximate business data volumes available for some examples within the Professional Services Sector:

Business Consultancy Contacts: 41k

Legal Services Data & Solicitors Lists: 17k

List of Accountants: 25k

List of Professionals: 102k

Databroker, members of the DMA, are an independent list broker with 10 years experience, we will provide you with un-biased advice on what data will work best for you and your direct marketing campaigns. 

To get your product or service in front of the professional services industry today, call or email for friendly and free advice.

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