Wednesday 25th May 2011
John Keating
Written by John Keating
B2B Data

Databroker can put you in touch with the top UK companies today with FTSE mailing lists and FTSE contacts.  This specialist FTSE data is the most up to date and freshest business data around for the UKs biggest companies.

FTSE contact data in this niche market is no older than 3 months and every record has an up to date contact job title ranging from the CEO to Training Managers; Ensuring that your sales team or your mailing piece gets through to the right person first time.

All of this means that less time is taken, less effort is wasted, less money spent on selling your products to this prized target market.

All FTSE lists have been given the Databroker data 2.0 award for the highest quality data available. This is the most comprehensive list of FTSE Telephone Numbers, Address and Contact Names available.

FTSE Data Selection Variables;

FTSE 100 Data
FTSE 250 Data
FTSE 350 Data
FTSE 500 Data

FTSE Contacts Available

FTSE Financial Directors
FTSE Chairman Contacts
FTSE Managing Directors / FTSE CEO Contacts
FTSE HR Directors Contacts
FTSE Sales Director Contacts
FTSE Investor Relations Contacts
FTSE COO / FTSE Operations Contacts
FTSE Marketing Directors etc
FTSE IT Directors / FTSE CIO Contacts
FTSE Events Directors etc
FTSE Training & CSR Contacts

Why choose Databrokers FTSE data 2.0?

There is no better source of FTSE data in the UK.  If you need to contact the big cheeses, in the big cheeses then call 0161 941 5700 or email for more information or advice on FTSE business data from Databroker.

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