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Thursday 3rd February 2011

Databroker is taking on all customers and all comers from the direct marketing industry in the latest online gaming craze. As part of our ever so slightly geeky ways and our thirst to make friends with all fellow direct marketers, we thought it the perfect fit to go round packing an AK47 looking to headshot our pals into oblivion. We are nice like that.

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Look out for the Databroker man logo on the side of the gun, if that’s too small to see, just look for the guy who is running around panicking like a headless chicken. To play us online, just drop a line. We will add all direct marketers as friends and hope to see you on the battlefield soon. Our little avatar is below so you can be sure that there is only one official Databroker – but you knew that already! We hear there are a couple of good players already hiding in our supplier roster so we think that it’s only fair that you grow a pair and put some discounts on the line. We may be even putting on some special offers for those customers who whip our candy ass!

Databroker Call of Business Data

Databroker's Call of Business Data

The Man with the Data Gun

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