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Monday 7th February 2011

It’s official. Databroker are the experts when it comes to data and direct marketing know-how.  We knew that already and I am sure you did – but it is nice to have the rubber stamp of approval!

John is now one of the resident experts on Marketing Donut, for direct marketing advice and recommendations. Have a look at  John’s profile (and feel free to laugh at his picture!)

John Keating Marketing Donut Expert

Marketing Donut is a resource hub which offers free advice, tools, industry news and information for small and medium sized businesses.  Content is updated on a regular basis and is checked and verified by leading business support professionals and independent experts.

So come along and check out the site, there are lots of interesting case studies, articles and how-to guides on a variety of marketing issues.  Databroker will be providing regular articles and blog-posts to help out with your data and direct marketing requirements.  We would love to see you there!

Databroker Direct Marketing Experts for Marketing Donut

Databroker Direct Marketing Experts for Marketing Donut

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