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Secret Diary of a List Broker – Bye Bye PPI

22nd November 2011 | Fun Stuff | Written by: John Keating


Secret Diary

Note – for all of you companies trying desparately to jump on the PPI bandwagon, conducting telemarketing campaigns with pre-recorded messages this one is for you:

NO: PPI IS NOT AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT.   You are also not consumer champions even if you do put little clipart trophies on your adverts.

Databroker will NEVER supply data to PPI companies for voice broadcasting.  We will continue to campaign against this type of marketing as the negativity it creates damages the overall industry.

And just because you mention Lloyds TSB in your message doesn’t give you any credibility.

Can we start a hashtag or a movement against the constant violators of TPS or marketing ethics? Maybe #PPDie #FoxtrotOscarPapaPapaIndigo #SaynotoVB

That is all. #justsaying

Should you want advice on non PPI data give Databroker call today for free, independent and above all trustworthy advice on data and direct marketing.  0161 941 5700 or email info@data-broker.co.uk

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